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Fight Factory

"Where Legends Are Made"


Who We Are

Founded in 1991 by Master Sayed Qubadi, Fight Factory have serve the local San Fernando Valley and its surrounding communities for the past 24 years and still counting. Since opening, Master Sayed and his staff have placed unprecedented effort to support students hence we've grown to be the biggest Martial Arts school in the San Fernando Valley with 12,000 Sq.Ft.

Our Gym

Equipped with the finest equipments for training with the best coaches, Fight Factory is one of the best equipped Martial Arts schools in California! In our 12,000 sq. ft. gym, we have 3 full size mats for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,Tae Kwon Do, CrossFit, Kardio Kickboxing and Weight Training. We have 2 professional size rings, 1 octagon and 1 boxing ring. Our gym is also equipped with speed bags, punching bags, dummies, bouncing bags and foam shields for trainings. Professional trampoline and balance beam are also available for gymnist.

Champions & Celebrities

Legendary fighters trained through Fight Factory are now in the UFC, King of the Cage, Camo-MMA, Boxing star, movies among others. Many bouncer, celebrities and police officer have come to us to get the best experience of Martial Arts! Celebrities such as Devon Aoki, Sinbad, Kevin Hart, Steve Aoki, Jansen Panettiere, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Kathryn Newton, T.J Storm (Godzilla), Cynthia "Lady Dragon" Rothrock, Michael Jai White, Kimbo Slice, Rounda Rousey, Casper Smart, Deontay Wilder, and much more...

Meet Our Team

Master Sayed

Master Sayed
Head Instructor and Founder of Fight Factory.

Master Sayed the founder of Fight Factory starting in September 1st, 1991. Master Sayed always had a passion for martial arts, and he brought his passion to life. Master Sayed alway had a postive mind and wanted to share positivity with everyone. Being a very humble and an open hearted person people love his personality. Then again don't get fooled he is a machine when it comes to Martial Arts.

Master Sayed loved Martial Arts from a young age. He started with freestyle Wrestling when he was 5 years old. Couple years later he started Tae Kwon Do. Now Master Sayed is an 8th Degree Black Belt under Grand Master Ji Han Jae in Hapkido. Master Sayed then started on body physic and proper nutrition. Master Sayed is a very well experienced martial artist in varierty of style of arts and forms. Training under many professional people and making his own touch of creativity to perfect the art Master Sayed is a master in Boxing, Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Wrestling, Hapkido, Weapons Training, Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and Body Building.

Master Sayed now owns one of the biggest Martial Arts school in California. Over 30,000 people have been taught at the Fight Factory. Master Sayed teaches everyone such as Celebrities, Bouncers, Police Officers, Movie Stars and more. A couple of his biggest celebrity clients are Devon Aoki, Steve Aoki, Sinbad Adkins, Royce Adkins, Karo Parisyan, Oleg Taktarov, Jansen Panetierre, Kathryn Newton, Kevin Hart, Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Cynthia "Lady Dragon" Rothrock, Miachael Jae White, and more!

1st Place Southern California Champion for David Torres' Annual Karate championship.
1st Place Championsips under the International Karate Federation.
1st place at Mohammad Jahan - Vashs' "Compete" National Karate Championship.
1st Place Won at Ed Parker's International Karate Championship.
1st Place won at Don Wilson's "Dragon Classic" International and Talent Showcase.
1st Place at Rodriguez' 2nd Annual Tang Soo Do Karate Tournament.
Numerous 1st Place for Sparring.
Numerous 1st Place for Weapon Fighting and Kata.
Has numerous Kickboxing and Boxing championship. 2001-2003

He currently holds an 8th degree black belt, and has over 38 years of experience in a variety of forms. Teaching MMA, Hapkido, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Grapping, Shoot Fighting and International Traditional Martial Arts.

Ali Qubadi

Ali Qubadi
CEO and Manager of Fight Factory

Ali is always looking to bring the best out of the Fight Factory. Ali has manage the Fight Factory for over 6 years now hosting events and bringing the fire to his business.

Ali has started Martial Arts as soon as he could walk, Master Sayed being his father wanted the best of his ability. Ali is now a 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido and mastered many arts such as Boxing, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Weapons Training, and more. Being a very open minded person he always wanted to exceed his knowledge.

Now being one of the operator of the Fight Factory, Ali has brought the best to the business. Ali goal is to get people to where they want to be and to keep people more than satisfy. With this mentality Ali is a very respected person by everyone at the Fight Factory.

Jonathan Gause

Coach Jonathan Gause

Gause an inspiring and motivational coach ready to make you push your limits. Gause comes from an athletic background being a former football and basketball player in high school. Ran college track and field. Then down the round form his college career he sees a passion not only helping people but in boxing as well. Gause got into boxing and has been in boxing for over 6 years, and started training people for over 4 years. Now Gause is helping the beginner building their foundations in boxing. Gause has soon found what he loves best was to help people make a better them. Then Gause soon became a certified fitness trainer and a NASM (National Academic Sports Medicine). Mastering fitness he shared it with all his students to bring the best of them. Now Gause is training all beginner and intermediate students the basics of boxing, conditioning, agility, and body shaping. All student adults and kids love his fun teaching method and a pushing motivational coach he is.

Michael Santos

Coach Michael

Santos the hard hitting champion! Santos having a back ground of 23 years of boxing starting at the age of 5. Santos wanted to start training boxers not only with his skills but to bring the skills these students are capable of. There is a limit that everyone has and he brings all of their skill out of them and puts them to action. He now has been training people for 9 years, not only at the Fight Factory, but other boxing gyms as well. Training for 10 years under an Argentinian Hall of Fame trainer Amilcar Brusa, gave Santos over 69 amatuer fights and a pro record of 27-3-1. The 3 loses were title shots and 1 win was a title win, with 16 K.O's out of the 27. Santos took his boxing career to Russia, California, Vegas, Miami, and other countries in Europe. Santos also came from an athletic background of Football and Track. What Santos learned from his pasted is his history, but now it's his turn to make the next champions with the art of boxing he knows. Being a member of the USA Boxing Committee, Santo's goal is to get his fighters to the Nationals and Internationals. Santos bring the best of each student's ability to them. Santos is mastered in targeting and power shots as well as agility and technique.

Salvador Villa

Coach Salvador

Villa one of the head boxing coaches at the Fight Factory! Villa has been in the best boxing gyms and trained some of the best boxer out there, such as Sammy Stuart, Phil Paolina, and Buddy Burrell. Villa has a back ground of 20 years in boxing and has trained people all over Los Angeles. Pro fighters and amateurs have been taught here at the Fight Factory by Coach Villa. Villa was trained by his uncle Jorge Torres who had over 30 pro fights! Villa mastered the boxing sport himself and has been with some of the finest boxing coaches out there. Villa is very well known as the counter and technical master of boxing. He masters the most minor mistakes of boxing. Villa perfects punch thrown or foot moved so you can get the best of every movement. Villa has always put out a good message for boxing as it being an art of sport. He wants the future of boxing to have the right people for it, and not brutal people that don't know much about the art. He is here to discipline all the students and show them the right way of boxing.

Jordan ''JorDance'' Cann

Coach Jordan

Cann was blessed to earth on October 3rd to professional artist, Malcolm and R.N./Entrepreneur Sandra Cann. He was raised on the rough streets of Queens, NY and it was not until the age of 7 when he relocated to Hampton, VA, where he discovered his God given talent, dance. He began watching all the legends, such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, Sammie Davis Jr. and Usher to tune his style. He choreographed his first piece, ''Shackles'' at the age of 12. He later went on to study ballet, jazz, latin, african and ballroom, but he could not deny his love and passion for hip-hop. JorDance has also been blessed with many other talents such as: Writing, music production, martial arts, and gymnastics. Just to name a few, He has worked with artist such as Will.I.Am, Britney Spears, Ne-Yo, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grand 50 Cent, Celine Dion, and has done commercial work for companies such as Ford, Heineken, Little Caesars, Nickelodeon, Doritos and more as well as winning accolades from Disney and many talent showcases. He toured Asia with a group entitled, "G2" and served as an international choreographer in La Paz, Bolivia located in South America. You can catch him in the new film, "Straight Outta Compton," produced by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

JorDance desires to inspire the nations that with hard work, faith, consistency, and patience, that you can achieve all that you are destined to be and be able to live above every discouragement in life. This is JorDance!


Coach Mark

The martial art-thing happened by answering a challenge by my daughter. Now, I can Iook forward to helping out when possible to those students that need it, always learning something in the process. The self defense thing is something I feel is at least as important as any basic life skill (walking, talking, scuba diving, etc...)


Coach Bernie

Bernie is a magnificent professional coach and specializes in Boxing, Kickboxing , MMA with pro and amuater fighters. He has been teaching over 16 years and training for 20 years.However, Bernie is partnered with 7 time world champion martial art hall of famer Pete Sugaroot Cunningham. Bernie has amazing striking skills, masterful mitt work and is a master technician. Hapolian has worked with many skilled and excellent fighters such as; Issac Dogboe, Robert Ortiz, Timothy Ortiz, Jonathan Walley, Thor Skanke, Darion Chapman, Sergio Marroquin, and Zack Haddad.

​Bernie is great at making you believe in yourself, while teaching you proper technique's to fight like a champion. He says he's had young students come to him who have been bulled their whole life; in a short time watch them transform in to strong, confident young men and woman. That's why I do what I do, Bernie says. Training my fighter, winning championships is amazing feeling. But nothing is more rewarding then making a difference in someone's life.


Coach Rosane

Rosane has been a martial arts practitioner for 25 years. She is a 4th degree black belt in Kenpo karate. She has been training and teaching in kickboxing for over 10 years. She is a fitness trainer and taught cardio kickboxing for 16 years in the pierce college extension program. She teaches core fitness and conditioning. Her motto is it's all about the heart meaning physical fitness and keeping heart healthy. Martial arts is a way of life for her and feels it brings out the best in people with discipline and focus. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing someone step on the mat for the first time who is a novice and help bring them through to black belt and become proficient in what they do. Martial arts can be used in every aspect of your. It brings balance and a sense of self-worth. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family cooking and baking and of course training.


Coach Kian

Kian had passion for grappling and Jiu Jitsu and believes it a great art for self defense and to get in shape. Kian has been training for more than 20 years under great champions and instructors. Kian's hopes as a trainer is to pass this art to you with lots of details. Kian is one mastered counter moves and Jiu Jitsu attacks. Grappling has changed Kian's life with so much positive energy and confidence, and now he's sure it'll do the same for you.


Coach Mohammad

Mohammad Qubadi is a 1st degree black belt and a creative acrobatics coach. Mohammad has been doing martial arts starting at a young age, trained by Master Sayed. The older Mohammad grew the more interested he became in different arts. Mohammad wanted to exceed his knowledge and become the best at what he does.


Coach Roberto

Roberto is a professional Boxer with a nice smile and a great personality. He is very knowledgeable in the art of boxing. His background is a reflection of my dedication and love for fitness and boxing. He have been boxing since the tender age of ten. During his career, he have built a great amateur record of thirty wins and two defeats by unanimous score cards and professional record two wins coming in the first round by knockout. As an amateur fighter he won the golden gloves championship, Soboba world championship belt, desert show down world championship belt, all thanks to the hard work he put into his craft. Fighting also came with a passion for training others and changing lives. He love to help others reach there goals and dreams. He is a natural motivator, seeing others excell is a reward like no other. He have taught in several locations and have inspired so many people to achieve success in life and fitness. He is thankful and excited to inform everyone of his arrival and permanent position here at the Fight Factory. He will be more than glad to assist you all with anything that he can.


Coach Moe

Top ranked Iranian Heavyweight Kick Boxer who eventually switched his focus to American Kick boxing.

A member of Kick Boxing National Team of Iran. He carries Master's Degree in the field of Physical Education (Sports Physiology). Bearing 4th Technical Don in Kickboxing. Bearing 2nd degree coaching Certificate.

1st place in Iranian Heavy Weight Champion ( K1 Rules Style). 2014
1st place in National Kick Boxing (Top Kick Boxer). 2014
1st place in National Kick Boxing. 2013
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Vovinam. 2012
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions for National team of kick boxing. 2012
2nd Place in Nationwide Competitions selective for National Team of Kick boxing. 2012
2nd place in Iranian Champions of Champions Competition (K1 Rules Style). 2011
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions selective for National Team of Kick Boxing. 2011
1st place in Super Fight Shoot Boxing. 2011Shoot Boxing. 2011
1st place in Super Fight Kick Boxing. 2011
2nd place in Nationwide Competition selective for National Team of Kick Boxing. 2007
3rd place of first Iranian Sport Olympic. 2007
1st place in Nationwide Kick boxing & super fighter, 2005.
3rd place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Muay Thai. 2005
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Kung Fu ( Kick Boxing Style). 2003
1st place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Jeet Kun Do(Kick Boxing Style). 2003