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Learn and progress the fastest way!
Each one-on-one session is customized to each student's ability and potential.
Our instructors will help you progress faster and achieve what you really want in your experience of Martial Arts.
Get your pump on with our amazing boxing class and be the greatest of your era!
Our boxing class teaches a very technical way of boxing that will make you achieve your power shot, cardio, footwork, and technique.
Our unique MMA class bring the mixture of all arts into one. Be wise and grab the best of every art effective moves and learn it in our MMA class. Learn your stand up, ground game, and self-defense all in our MMA class. MMA is the best way to learn everything really needed in the outside world to protect yourself from any harm.
Best way to be a street smart Martial Artist and to keep yourself safe.
Learn how to kick, punch, throw, joint lock, trapping and grappling techniques, as well as how to use your opponent's power against themselves.
Get your whole body moving with our kickboxing class!
Kickboxing is a form of martial art that combines boxing with elements of karate, in particular kicking with bare feet.
We have Cardio Kickoxing and pure Kickboxing classes that gives you a great "kick" for your day!
Crossfit get your power game on! Get the best work out of your life.
With our amazing crossfit session during some of the other arts you take. Get your sweat going and have some extra shirts. Our crossfit helps with weightloss, agility training, strength training, and stamina.
Want to have a great ground game and get the best work out?
Try our Submission Fighting class!
Get to roll around with out being to aggressive and learn how to properly use your techniques from Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo. Our Submission Fighting class will definitely perfect your minor mistakes in your ground game with building your stamina very quickly.
You can learn how to you use your hands and feet in Kickboxing, time to throw in the elbows and knees. Learn the beautiful Thai art of Muay Thai using your elbows and knees with the mixture of Kickboxing. Learn how to have an amazing strong clinch and effective moves, while being in the clinch.
Knowing the proper techniques and the perfect leverage, you can easily submit any one at any size in a heart beat. Our Jiu Jitsu class is one of the more critical technique that gives you the best work out with a whole lot of fun. Get your ground game on and learn Jiu Jitsu.


Coach Sal
  • 10 Min Warm-Up and Jump Rope
  • 10 Min Shadow Boxing
  • 10 Min Light Bag Work with Techniques Shown
  • 5 Min Speed Bag/ Coordination Training
  • 10 Min 1 on 1 Focus Mitts (Power Shot, Footwork, Target Shots, and Countering)
  • 5 Min Hardcore Bag Work
  • 10 Min Body Conditioning
  • Every class varies. Rotation happen every 5 Min!

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Muay Thai

Coach Moe
  • 10 Min Warm-up/ Jump rope
  • 10 Min Light Bag Work/ Plus Kicks
  • 10 Min Clinch Work/ Techniques Practice with Partner
  • 10 Min in ring 1 on 1 Training Combos
  • 10 Min Heavy Bag Work
  • 10 Min Body Conditioning
  • Every class varies. Rotation happen every 5 Min!

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