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MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai Fights

How it Began

After hosting our first event in 2008 at Fight Factory Gym with much success and organization, people loved our events and were blood thirsty for more! Holding it at Fight Factory Gym gave people more feel for the event with the history Fight Factory Gym has.

In 2010, Ali Qubadi, vice president of Fight Factory, took over and kept the shows coming. After having a successful time in their events Ali and Master Sayed confidently held roughly 3 events per year. Fight Factory Events was then Rated #1 Amateur Events.

In 2012 Fight Factory took a break from holding events; Master Sayed wanted to take a break to remodel the Gym. After the remodeling, Master Sayed wants to host events beginning 2015 and Ali started the first event very successfully. Moving forward, Fight Factory will be hosting 2 events per year. With 1,500 - 2,000 people in attendance and still growing.

Fighters love to come fight at our Legendary Fight Factory Gym! Our fighter say its an "honor" to fight under the Fight Factory Gym! Holding the history of training many champions here at the Fight Factory Gym people love to observe the gym and hear its background.

Today, Fight Factory hosts family appropriate events. All events have 2 hall of fame legendary fighters, such as James Lights Out Toney, Don The Dragon Wilson, George St. Pierre, Mike Tyson, and more to have a meet and greet and do a motivation speech during half time. We also offer half-time shows such as concerts, raffle, dance off and gifts.

Food is served by Las Delicias per each event! With the grill right out the doors of Fight Factory Promotions you can be served hot and fresh food.

We host the best family friendly shows if they are into the Martial Arts world. Fight Factory has roughly 8-15 fights per event. In each event there is food, raffle, halftime show, DJ, giveaways, Fight of the Night, and coaches awarding.

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