Where legends are made

Equipped with the finest equipments for training, to make each and every training session the best and most enjoyable. One big mat for stretching and for classes such as PowerBox, Kardio Kickboxing, and Hapkido. One professional Wooden Dummy, a rack of bags carrying all sorts of heavy bags and double ends balls, two professional speed bags, with an area for work out carrying the major workout equipment for a great workout, and finally all sorts of accessories for cardio, and agility training infused into your training session to knock out the best class possible.




Ali is always looking to bring the best out of the Fight Factory. Ali has manage the Fight Factory for over 6 years now hosting events and bringing the fire to his business.

Master Sayed

Head Instructor

Master Sayed the founder of Fight Factory starting in September 1st, 1991. Master Sayed always had a passion for martial arts, and he brought his passion to life.


Amazing workouts!!!! I discovered this place by accident while shopping for boxing gloves. I was offered a free class to try out and became "hooked" from the first training session. I love the great energy after each work out, it is always fun and challenging at the same time. I see amazing results in my body as well as in my strength only after 1 month of workouts. I wish to keep this "little gem" to myself:) however, I would love to give back to this place and to the Master/Instructor for his dedication and professionalism that he gives to each of his students.

Luda A, Studio City, CA

Started here about a month ago. Best decision I ever made. Have lost 15lbs since starting and absolutely love the classes. High recommend joining. Everyone is so nice and master is the best instructor. He really cares about his clients. Also, I take the kickboxing class and it's a great stress reliever!

Alyssa M, Burbank, CA