10 Low Carb Quick Bites for Weight Loss – Fitness Trainers Recommended

Weight loss is a journey that often comes with various challenges, including the fear of being restricted to bland and unappetizing foods. But what if we told you you can relish delicious snacking options while adhering to your weight loss programs? Yes, you heard it right! In this blog, we will explore ten lip-smacking snacks …

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Good News About Gluten

These days everyone is seemingly ganging up on gluten. The protein found in the different varieties of the wheat family is blamed for everything from digestive woes to inflammation to contributing to cancer risk. And more often than not it’s people without celiac disease who are sounding the alarm. But a study in The Journal of Nutrition suggests most …

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Try a Workout at the Park

With summer long days and warm weather, it’s great to take exercise outdoors and workout at the park. The only “equipment” you’ll need is whatever’s available at your local park! Try a format alternating high-intensity cardio with lower-intensity body-weight resistance. (Of course, keep in mind your fitness level and any limitations you may have.) Before …

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Muscle Strengthening for Longevity

Research shows some benefits of using muscle strengthening for longevity. Muscle-strengthening activities are linked with a 10%–17% lower risk of heart disease, total cancer, diabetes, lung cancer and death from any cause, according to a review study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (2022; 56 [13]). Maximum risk reduction was obtained from approximately 30–60 minutes …

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Nutrition for Immunity

Dietary Defenses and Nutrition for Immunity

Nutrition has a significant impact on immunity throughout the lifespan. In the womb, a child acquires passive immunity by getting antibodies through the placenta and, after birth, through nursing (Lokossou et al. 2022). Throughout the rest of a person’s life, dietary choices will continue to strongly influence various functions of the immune system, such as innate and adaptive …

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DNA and Exercise

DNA and Exercise Effects

There may be truth to the fact that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree—and that your love for physical activity is inherited. A genetic data review from more than 700,000 people shows associations between exercise and DNA regions. People who exhibit certain DNA variants are more likely to prefer spending their leisure time doing moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activities; …

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